Who is CounterI of Scottsdale

Hello from CounterI of Scottsdale! Thanks for stopping in to get to know us and check out what we can do for your countertops. We're the Scottsdale Franchise of Counter Intelligence. Now this did in fact mean that our location was Scottsdale, however in the new ways of the franchise headquarters we're now open to the entire state of Arizona. We started our franchise in the spring of 2023 as 3 partners, all of us with a background in home remodeling, computer programming, and most importantly, the desire to do good quality countertops and build a true relationship with our customers.

Our mailing office for CounterI of Scottsdale is:

CounterI of Scottsdale

9393 N. 90th Street STE 102 282

Scottsdale, Arizona 85258


Our manufacturing and Showroom Facility is located at:

CounterI of Scottsdale

6900 S. Priest Drive #6

Tempe, Arizona 85283

Our Goals

Our goals with CounterI of Scottsdale are to have 100% customer satisfaction and 100% quality countertops. We spend a lot of time making sure we do the very best we can on every project. We want the experience for each customer to be one of a kind. We enjoy having our clients at our showroom when we're working on something for them, so everyone sees what they're going to get.

We're a different breed when it comes to how a company operates, we are family people and we want our customers to feel like their having family make countertops for them.

Let us help you make something beautiful in your kitchen or bathroom. Contact us today, estimates are free.

Important Information

Below are some important things to know before we do an epoxy countertop job.

Here are some thing we do not do:

  • We do not do plumbing or electrical: so before we start a job, someone will have to unhook the plumbing from sinks and/or any electrical in the way should be turned off or removed. We do have someone that we can count on that can assist with this.
  • We do not do cabinets: When we build our countertops, think of it as we're bringing in slabs of stone, it will sit on your cabinets, level. Some cabinets have risers or other leveling blocks that help keep their old countertops connected and in some cases when your new countertops get installed there may be gaps of missing wood, we do not modify cabinets. We do have someone we can recommend.

Here's what we do:

  • We will remove your old countertops.
  • We will manufacture new countertops for your cabinets based on the dimensions of your current.
  • We will design and create your new epoxy countertops and top coat it with scratch resistant and heat resistant surface.
  • We will install the new countertops.
  • We will cut the hole for the sink and put water seal on the new hole and make sure the sink fits.