Attention Oldtown Scottsdale Business Owners

Our home is Oldtown and we love our home. We want to do something special for one of you, we love you all, and feel it's better to have you register to make us selecting one of you a bit easier.

We want to giveaway a custom epoxied bar top up to 30 square feet. Given this is the slow down time for all of Scottsdale due to the heat, we felt it was best to get this rolling right away. So if you own a business right here in Oldtown Scottsdale and would like to register to possibly be the winner of a free custom epoxy bar top in your establishment, register on this page and when we do the drawing we will let you know if you win. They're no hidden fees or contest entry costs. You simply have to have a business here in Oldtown Scottsdale and fill out the form.

We do ask that you follow our Facebook Page, many thanks.

    Your Business Name

    What we plan to do, whomever wins, we plan to do a pour in place custom epoxy bar top on your existing bar. If you do not have a current bartop or your current one needs to be fixed, we may simply build you a full new bar top countertop and pour it, then install it. We will take whomever the winners project and cover the task based off of it's situation. Most importantly we want this gift to be beautiful.