"CounterI of Scottsdale" Custom Epoxy Countertops professionally designed and installed

Welcome to Counteri of Scottsdale (Custom Epoxy Countertops), your premier destination for exquisite custom epoxy countertops in Arizona. At Counteri of Scottsdale (Epoxy Countertops), we are passionate about transforming your space into a work of art with our stunning and durable epoxy countertop creations. Whether you're in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, or anywhere else in the state, our team is dedicated to providing you with top-notch craftsmanship and personalized service. With a commitment to quality and a keen eye for design, we turn ordinary countertops into extraordinary focal points that enhance the beauty and functionality of your home or business. Discover the endless possibilities of our custom epoxy countertops, and let us bring your vision to life.

Revolutionize Your Surfaces with Metallic Epoxy Countertop by Counteri of Scottsdale

Welcome to Counteri of Scottsdale (professional epoxy countertops), where we redefine counters and tabletops with ingenuity. Our revolutionary metallic epoxy countertops offer a transformative solution for rejuvenating worn, stained, damaged, or outdated surfaces. Whether it's your kitchen, bathroom, restaurant, or bar, our options present a cost-effective alternative to traditional stone finishes such as marble, granite, or quartz, all while exuding durability and refined elegance.

Choose from a diverse array of patterns, including stone, wood, and metal, to suit your distinct style. Even if you're seeking a bespoke new counter, our prices remain significantly more affordable than stone cutting, installation, or rare artisanal designs.

Expertly Crafted Epoxy Countertops: Elevate Your Surfaces with Precision - Let "US" the Pros do it

While DIY epoxy countertop videos might have tempted you, the intricacies and potential costly errors often discourage experimentation. At Counter Intelligence of Scottsdale, our skilled artisans masterfully replicate the allure of marble, granite, quartz, butcher block, copper, and more. Moreover, we have the unique ability to seamlessly integrate custom colors, harmonizing with the existing palette of your home or business. Whether it's echoing the tones of tan tiles or crafting intricate veins that appear tailor-made, we ensure a cohesive and personalized aesthetic that resonates flawlessly with your space.

Elevate your surfaces with us – Counteri of Scottsdale (custom epoxy countertops near me), where innovation meets craftsmanship.

Our Services Extend to the Following Locations

Here's a concise compilation of regions where we've undertaken projects and extend our service expertise:

Transform Dilapidated Counters, Tabletops, Fireplaces, and More into Stunning Marble, Stone, or Vibrantly Colored Masterpieces!

Upgrade Your Worn Counters and Tables. Swift On-Site Resurfacing at a Fraction of Traditional Marble or Stone Replacement Costs.

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You have 2 ways to get your job done.

Our Pour-in-Place system is fast and efficient. If you are under a budget but want that high-end look, our epoxy formula is made to be pour and be molded right over your existing counter or tabletop and right where it is, not need to remove counters.

Some people have a need to have less traffic in their place and therefore we can do he work at our factory. There is an additional cost for this as we have to build you a whole new counter and then install it at your location at a later date, but with this process you can get some extra modifications and details added.

counter without countertop 400w

Custom Build

Less Footprint Fast Install

Pour in Place

If a Counter Can't Be Removed

Pour-in-Place Time Allotment

    • Initial Consultation & Measuring10%
    • Possible On-Site Minor Handy Work10%
    • Pour On-Site80%

Off-Site Build

    • Initial Consultation & Measuring10%
    • Offsite Creation of Your Counter60%
    • Onsite Installation30%

The Process

  • You Call UsWe Schedule a Walkthrough

    We can come out and do most estimates same day or within a day or two. From the time you call us we usually schedule and install within a week or two. But we can work within your time constraints as well.
  • MeasurementsWe Come Out & Measure

    On the day of your estimate we come out and get all the details to make your project go as smoothly and quickly as possible. From there we schedule your install date.
  • Install 1 Day Install*

    On the scheduled day we come out and in a few hours we do the install your custom built countertop. *If its a Pour-in-Place, the initial epoxy is done the first day, it will take a second day to come out and do a protective topcoat (additional times & fees may apply).

Exploring Your Desired Style?

Guiding You Every Step of the Way! With proficiency in five foundational styles and a rich palette of colors, we're confident in curating the ideal solution for your residence. Our approach is far from standardized – we relish crafting individuality tailored to you. Your satisfaction ranks highest, and we stand true to our commitments. Explore epoxy, stone, granite, or quartz inspiration online; bring your concepts to us, and we'll translate them into reality. Don't hesitate, reach out to us today!