February 14, 2024

Epoxy Countertop Chronicles: Epoxy Adventures and Home Show Sneak Peeks!

Join us on our epoxy countertop journey! From Pine to Sun Lakes, we're bringing you the latest designs and innovations. Stay tuned for our Home Show sneak peeks and maybe even a live stream! 🎨🏑
January 28, 2024

Anthem Community Center | Custom Epoxy Countertops – designed by Counteri of Scottsdale

Over the past months, our team partnered with Spray-Net of North Phoenix to install custom epoxy countertops at the Anthem Community Center in Arizona, overcoming challenges like water pipe repairs. The painstaking design process aimed to complement the cabinet refinishing work, culminating in a successful and satisfactory installation day. With this project and others like Pine Elementary School under our belt, we look forward to more complex, creative endeavors.
December 18, 2023

Pine Arizona’s Transformation: Custom Epoxy Countertops by Counteri of Scottsdale

In the charming town of Pine, Arizona, nestled within the heart of nature\’s beauty, lies Pine Elementary School. Recently, this educational institution embarked on an exciting […]
November 1, 2023

Epoxy Project Nightmare: A Tale of Unforeseen Challenges

In this story of unforeseen challenges, we delve into the frustrations and setbacks encountered during an epoxy project at Arboleda in the Scottsdale Quarter. What began as a simple wood-sealing task turned into a recurring nightmare of rushed timelines, cleaning mishaps, and persistent issues, pushing the boundaries of quality workmanship and patience.
October 15, 2023

Professional Epoxy Countertops: Correcting DIY Mistakes

Certainly, the rise of DIY epoxy projects has caused some skepticism around the world of professional epoxy work. Many DIY enthusiasts have been drawn to the allure of creating unique, vibrant countertops or flooring with epoxy. However, the path to achieving a flawless epoxy finish is not as straightforward as many envision. Countless factors, such as temperature, humidity, surface preparation, and mixing ratios, play a pivotal role in the outcome of an epoxy project.
October 12, 2023

Join Us at the Maricopa Home Show – Explore Custom Epoxy Countertops!

Get ready to experience a world of home improvement possibilities at the Maricopa Home Show, and Counter Intelligence of Scottsdale is here to take your home to the next level. Join us this weekend at our booth and explore the mesmerizing world of custom epoxy countertops. Discover the artistry, durability, and unique design options that await you. Don't miss our exclusive show specials and live demonstrations. We're eager to share our passion for transforming homes with you, so mark your calendars and visit us at the event. See you there!
September 2, 2023

Expert Epoxy Rescues: Your Solution at Counteri of Scottsdale (Counter Intelligence of Scottsdale)

Expert Epoxy Rescues: Your Solution at Counteri of Scottsdale (Counter Intelligence) Embarking on a Do-It-Yourself epoxy project can be an exciting journey of creativity and innovation. […]