Got Questions about Epoxy Countertops? We Have Answers.

1What exactly is the process or stages of epoxy countertop development?

When you're getting a true professional epoxy countertop built, theres a few stages that happen to make sure that the epoxy doesn't crack, chip, or scratch.

  1. Base coat, the prime layer that gets applied to the construct before epoxy ever gets poured. This layer or protection is to give the proper chemical compound to allow epoxy to stay connected to the countertop.
  2. Epoxy layer - this is the epoxy design, artwork, whatever you wanna call it. This is the beautiful design that you as a consumer is looking for.
  3. Top Coat - A proper top coat is not just a clear epoxy poured over top of your epoxy. A top coat is a protection for your epoxy. This is a barrier that keeps the epoxy from scratching, chipping, or yellowing. We have a few top coat options that we offer and all of them fit specific design options.
2What's an epoxy countertop typically costs?

Epoxy countertops are priced per square foot which varies between 60-100 per square foot, all depending on a variety of things. Now something to know in advance, with this pricing there's no hidden fees other than sink installs; unlike when having quotes for quartz and stones which say 35-80 a square-foot yet they also have a few thousand dollars in hidden fees to do the cuttings, and installing.

3How durable are our epoxy countertops?
  • Heat resistant to 400 degree direct heat
  • 100% Scratch Resistant
  • If top coated with our UV Top Coat, hitting it with a hammer will not affect it.
4Top Coat options, what should I get?

We will help each customer with every step so that every customer gets what theyre wanting in their home. Each top coat modifies the look of the epoxy artwork slightly as top coat has a texture to it. So depending on the look and feel that you're wanting in your home, we can help to obtain the best result.

Have more questions? Drop us a message with your question and we will respond. Also if your question seems to be one that we should have listed we will add it above.